PD: Five men arrested, accused of using social media in drug trafficking ring

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Five men were taken into custody at a luxury apartment complex in Downtown Phoenix after being accused of running a drug trafficking ring. These men weren't making deals on the streets - investigators say they used social media.

The group is accused of distributing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of marijuana throughout Arizona. The men had been under surveillance by MSCO detectives for a long time and were all busted on the same evening. Deputies say the suspects used Instagram to market marijuana and cannabis vape cartridges. All while the alleged ring leader lived the high life in a high-rise apartment complex on Roosevelt Row, where he kept piles of cash.

26-year-old Oscar Bejar is accused of running a drug trafficking organization that distributed marijuana throughout the state. Bejar is being held without bond - he's already on probation for selling marijuana. Deputies say Bejar and five others advertised their drugs on Instagram, then shipped them to buyers.

According to court documents, $200,000 dollars worth of drugs were seized from Bejar's apartment and a vehicle, including 80 pounds of marijuana and 5,000 cannabis vape cartridges, along with about $35,000 dollars in cash. Four other men were arrested in connection to the drug ring.

21-year-old Daniel Gonzalez is also being held without bond - he was already on probation for marijuana and weapons charges. He was more worried about where he could bond out of jail. Deputies say a stolen machine gun was in his possession as well.

Police say Paul Silva's alleged role in the drug ring was the driver - he and three other men are accused of driving the load vehicle to and from California. Deputies say Bejar would fly back and forth to California every week to get the drugs. The load vehicle would meet Bejar, then drive the drugs back to his apartment.

Deputies say they've linked six Instagram accounts to the marijuana trafficking ring. Each suspect is facing eight felony counts for using, selling, and distributing marijuana, and weapons charges.