People flock to lakes, as Labor Day weekend concludes

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- On Monday, many people were off for Labor Day, traditionally considered the unofficial end of summer, except in Arizona.

As people can imagine, lots of people headed out to the Valley lakes to wrap up the long holiday weekend. People also visited the Pleasant Harbor Marina, which was hit hard by a monsoon storm during the summer.

"Damage was very significant, so one whole dock will be completely replaced, and numerous other docs will have substantial repairs done to them," said Chad Case.

A spokesperson for the marina said they have not fully recovered yet, but everything is technically open on Monday, from the boats to the slide and kayaks, so the visitors out there said they still had a great time, putting the monsoon season behind them.

"It's not too hot, the weather seems nice the water is really nice," said one woman.

At the marina, kids were out swimming, boaters out boating, campers out camping, and college students were out sliding.

"Awesome. It's a little fast, a little scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's a really good time," said one student from Grand Canyon University. "We actually saw it on a news channel, and figured we give it a try and it's been awesome so far!"

"I love the terrain and this is awesome," said one visitor who came to the Valley from Colorado to visit his sister. "I didn't think this big of a lake would be so close to where she lives because so desert it but it's awesome.

As for the turnout this year, the spokesperson said it's good, but not as good as previous Labor Day weekends.

"Typically, Labor Day weekend is the last big hurrah on the lake, and we see a lot more people than we're seeing today," said Case

Talks, meanwhile, are ongoing with the contractor and insurance company to fix all of the damage left behind from the monsoon. But on the upside, officials say visitors should hardly be affected.

On Monday, however, the only gripe for some folks was that the entry to the lake wasn't free.

"Back in the day, it used to be free to come to the lake here," said one man.