People show huge outpouring of support for John McCain

Senator John McCain took to twitter to display his steely resolve to face down his biggest challenge yet.

"We love you, John!" was the response from many people.

The senator's tweet generated a huge number of likes, tens of thousands of retweets, and many thousands of comments, including many people who do not agree with Sen. McCain's positions on the issues.

One comment read, "I don't always agree with your politics, but you are a true American hero, Senator. I wish you a full and speedy recovery."

Another comment read, "I don't agree with McCain's politics, but he's a good person and cancer's awful."

Finally, one more comment read, "As a liberal, we still support you no matter what... stay strong bro... he's one of the ones who actually gets it plus he is a war hero."

As for the senator, he thanked everybody for all of their expressions of support, praised his doctors for their outstanding work, and vowed to be back in the fray very soon.

When Sen. McCain returns to Capitol Hill, he will be getting an earful in the great American political tradition.

Like a tweet from one of his admirers: "My heart goes out to you, sir. Also, please don't take away my health care."