People sound off on safety concerns following crash involving crash

AVONDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- In the aftermath of a crash involving a school bus and a pickup truck Wednesday morning in the West Valley, people living in the area near Tres Rios Elementary School are voicing their safety concerns.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, six children on the school bus were not injured when it was hit by a pickup truck near Southern and El Mirage. The bus flipped over onto its side, after being hit by a pick up truck that ran a stop sign.

School officials say the students who were involved have all reunited with their families. Meanwhile, one parent think the scene of the crash, which features a two-way stop, should feature a four-way stop instead.

"Right here on Southern, it's only a one-way, so the only stop signs we have are north and southbound," said ___. "I think we should have one going east and westbound."

The man's daughter, Yahaira Lopez, says she used to take that very same bus route when she was a student at Tres Rios. Yahaira is 15 now. As for what she thinks needs to be done, she believes there should be seat belts in all of the school buses.

"Because, like, even when the bus just stops, the student move forward, so I think it's harder for them to stay still in the bus," said Yahaira.

Officials with the Littleton School District have confirmed there are no seat belts for the students. They declined to comment on the issue, but did send a statement that says, in part:

Officials also said the students were "obviously shaken up, but we are so grateful everyone will be alright."

A number of states, such as California and New York, have seat belt regulations for school buses, but Arizona is not one of them. School district officials say they will follow up on the progress of the students, driver and repairs to the bus.