Peoria man accused of leaving one-year-old son in hot car

A Peoria man is facing child abuse and endangerment charges after police found his one-year-old son in a car.

The incident happened after midnight, at an apartment complex near 108th and Olive Avenues. The boy's mother called police when the child never made it to her home.

"She was trying to get in contact with her one-year-old son, and was concerned with his welfare," said Officer John Antrim with the Peoria Police Department.

When officers and fire crews arrived at the father's apartment complex, the father, identified as 31-year-old Juan Rodriguez Gonzalez, first denied he had his son, then admitted he left the child in the car so he could go to the restroom, and was planning to drive him to his mother.

Police aren't sure how long the child was in the car, but it could have been anywhere from 15 minutes to three and a half hours, based on their timeline. What they are sure of is the temperature in the car was recorded at 93°F (~33.88°C). Officers on scene say the child was drenched in sweat and was rushed to the hospital.

It's unclear if the boy is still in the hospital or back with his mother tonight. Police do think he will make a full recovery. Meanwhile, Rodriguez Gonzalez faced a judge Monday afternoon, accused of leaving his son in a hot car after he had been drinking and was possibly intoxicated.  He is currently not allowed to be around his son and will have to undergo alcohol testing.