Phoenix elementary school warns parents about reports of strangers luring students

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - A warning goes out to Valley parents from a Phoenix elementary school following reports of strangers trying to lure students.

School officials of Westwood Elementary say three different incidents have happened over the past three weeks.

In one of the incidents that happened on April 15, a man posing as a teacher knocked on a family's door and told them he was there to take their daughter to school.

The man in this incident is described as a tall, chubby, Hispanic male with a beard, wearing glasses and speaking Spanish.

Westwood sent a letter home notifying parents about the incident and said they do not send teachers to bring students to school.

The other two incidents involved separate men trying to convince students walking to or from school to get in their vehicles. Letters from the school were sent home to parents for these as well.

One incident reportedly involved an Asian man in his early 30s driving a white truck with the word "Royal" on the back. The other involved a male with brown skin, black/brown hair, wearing black gloves with red palms, driving a two-door tan car with a black grill.

School officials have reported all three incidents to police. They are also encouraging parents to talk to their children about "stranger danger" and to call the police if anything suspicious happens.