Phoenix travelers relieved to be in warmer climate amid northeastern snow storms

The northeastern storm is having a ripple effect on travel across the country, including at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport.

A lot of flights are either canceled or delayed at several airports, but in Phoenix, those setbacks have been minor and travelers are mostly just happy to be in the desert, ditching their winter jackets.

Many of them arrived just in time for some sunshine and warm temperatures as Phoenix had its warmest day in nearly two weeks – a warm but crisp 74 degrees on Jan. 29.

"It was so cold this morning the mayor couldn't get the city started," joked Mike Kiefer, who's visiting Phoenix from Wisconsin.

According to, 4,500 flights were canceled nationwide, and at Sky Harbor 28 flights were delayed, and 70 were canceled.

Although Kiefer says there wasn't any snowfall on Saturday where he's from in Wisconsin, he's still happy to escape the frigid weather. "This week it was 22 below when I woke up without the windchill."

While you won't be able to ski or sled in the Valley, you can't beat these 70 degree January days.

"Go outside in a T-shirt is something for me, I'd like to do," Kiefer said. "I can't do that at home."

He plans to go golfing.

Ben Jaeger from Chicago says he also plans to enjoy the warmer weather in Phoenix. "Go hiking, just enjoy the warmer weather."

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