Police identify gunman in deadly Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, 6-year-old boy among those killed

Law enforcement officials on Monday identified the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter as 19-year-old Santino William Legan.

Outside his home in Gilroy, about a mile from police headquarters, police and ATF agents swarmed his two-story sand-colored home. An ATF agent answered the door, telling KTVU that no one from the family would be speaking.

"I'm shocked," said neighbor Elisa Scettrini. "I still can't believe it. I'm living a nightmare right now. I'm numb."

Another neighbor, Kawika Palacios, said she heard police knock on the door and shout for the residents to come out with their hands up.

Witneses describe Gilroy shooter loading rifle silently

Neighbors said that two parents and two sons lived there and that they were nice. A woman who lives across the street said Legan had not lived there for at least a year, and SWAT officers came to the home Sunday night. Jeffrey Dickson called the Legans "a nice, normal family."

"It's crazy to think this would happen here," he said.

Not much else was known about Legan, other than what witnesses described they saw at the festival on Sunday about 5:40 p.m. Police say Legan killed three people -- including 6-year-old Stephen Luciano Romero, a 13-year-old girl and a man in his 20s -- before he was shot to death by police.

Twelve others were injured.

Legan had sneaked into the festival by cutting a hole in a fence and he was armed with a rifle, witnesses and police said. Police Chief Scot Smithee said a second suspect could be on the loose, but later said "we really don't know."

At a news conference, Smithee said that Legan legally bought the rifle on July 9 in Nevada. The FBI said that agents were looking into his motivation and ideological philosophy. Legan had no criminal history in Santa Clara County.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival features food, cooking contests and music. It's a decades-old staple in the agricultural city of 50,000 about 80 miles southeast of San Francisco. Festival goers pass through metal detectors and their bags are searched at the event.

4 killed including suspect, 12 wounded at Garlic Gilroy Festival

Honey vendor Candace Marquez was going to the bathroom when she came outside and heard what she thought were fireworks. She quickly turned and saw a man with a rifle. He was dressed in khaki shorts, a green vest and a brown hat.

"I still can't believe this happened," Marquez said, ading that her boss at Honey Ladies got shot in the calf and the woman's husband was shot three times. "It's so scary. Especially here in Gilroy."

President Trump addressed the deadly rampage from a podium at the White House.

"While families were spending time together at a local festival, a wicked murderer opened fire and killed three innocent civilians, including a young child. We grieve for their families, we ask God to comfort them with overflowing mercy and grace, praying for those recovering in the hospital."