Police looking for armed teens who broke into Laveen homes

Police are looking for a group of armed teens who broke into two homes in Laveen. 

One of the homeowners whose house was a target caught the suspects in action on his security camera.

Shortly after 9:30 Monday morning, a teenager knocks at the door of a Laveen home and then his accomplices, four that can be seen on the video, start kicking the door in. They eventually got into the home and also broke into the home next door.

The owner says his family is shaken. 

"You just figure you got decent neighbors, the neighborhood is decent, you wouldn't think you have to arm yourself up with iron doors and that sort of thing but times have changed," said the homeowner. 

He says the teens trashed the house and stole some electronics. What is most alarming to him is what he saw as the teens ran out the door, guns. 

"You know they enter the wrong house and the right person will be there and they may not walk out, unfortunately," said the homeowner. 

A neighbor near 51st Avenue and Baseline say he's noticed a spike in petty crimes recently. 

"But this neighborhood up in here had been a quiet neighborhood, we heard of things happening on other streets but it never happened here," said a neighbor. 

"Homeowners, you gotta be careful, vigilant, get these kids off the street," said the homeowner. "Luckily no one was home, gotta different situation, it could have gone a lot different for both sides."

Anyone with information on this incident, please contact police.