Police: Man assaulted woman in broad daylight at Peoria construction site

In broad daylight on Wednesday afternoon, a woman working on a property in a housing development near 99th Avenue and Jomax was brutally attacked by a man who's still on the loose.

"It's just gross... they need to catch this dude, that's for sure," said Stephen Morgan, a construction worker.

Stephen Morgan has been working construction in the neighborhood and pulled up right after three men had already found the terrified woman.

"When I pulled up, she was sitting on the ground, she had her face covered," Morgan said. "She was very distressed. She was balling her eyes out on the phone with police... it was sickening seeing her like that. She was a wreck."

Police say a man tried to sexually assault her in the middle of the day, but because police are letting her recover, they unfortunately don't have a great description of the man they need to find.

The Peoria Police Department is taking this assault very seriously, so seriously that they're increasing patrols in the area where it all happened, not only to spread the word, but also to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Now, they're asking for the public's help to get a dangerous man off the streets.