Police: Man went on 100-mile violent crime spree

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Investigators say a man stole a car and embarks on a 100-mile crime spree that included a robbery, carjacking, and a shooting.

All this happened, just minutes after he's released from jail.

32-year-old Latnio David was booked into a Mesa jail for disorderly conduct Sunday night. After he was released the next morning, investigators say he immediately stole a car from a woman at a nearby parking lot and drove off toward Prescott, hurting and terrorizing more than a dozen people during a three-hour violent rampage.

"He was drunk, smelled of alcohol, and he was very derogatory and out of control and pacing back and forth," said Lynne Devore.

Devore said she was behind the counter when David bought gas at a station in Dewey for a car investigators say he'd stolen hours earlier in mesa. He paid cash for the gas but didn't have enough for cigarettes.

"As he was coming back, he grabbed a bottle of whiskey and ran out the door," said Devore.

Investigators, however, say David continued to wreak havoc. After taking off from the gas station, he took off and crashed into several cars at an intersection. Unfortunately, a man who happened to be stopped there saw the man, and initially thought he was a car accident victim.

"A very large man approached the front of my car bleeding," said the man. "He said, 'I need help. I need help.' He walked up and looked in the car, and next thing I know he jerked me out of it."

The victim said he was lying on the ground when a gunman approached.

"One person came in and pulled out a gun," said the man. "I was looking right up at him. I knew he wasn't threatening me. He was one of the good guys."

Investigators say that guy shot at David, the bullet hit the driver's side door. David then took off with his second stolen car of the day, causing another multi-vehicle wreck. The violent crime spree would end minutes later, when police caught up with him in Prescott.

David has a long criminal rap sheet and is no stranger to prison. He's booked into the Yavapai County Jail and facing charges including aggravated assault, car theft, endangerment and driving under the influence.