Police: Mother, son arrested for assaulting man's wife

A valley man and his mother have been arrested after allegedly assaulting the man's wife and barricading themselves for several hours inside a Scottsdale home on Tuesday.

Scottsdale police say 39-year-old Nicholas Krakana and his mother, 67-year-old Sandra Zinn, were arrested after the pair assaulted Krakana's wife and then barricaded themselves inside the couples' home for three hours.

While he was picking up his two children with his mother at their gymnastics class, Krakana was served an Order or Protection from police, barring any contact with his wife.

Immediately after getting served the notice, Krakana and his mother drove his two children to their home and confronted Krakana's wife.

At this time, Krakana and his mother allegedly assaulted his wife in an attempt to get her out of the house.

After three hours, officer stormed the home and arrested Krakana and his mother.

The children were not injured and were returned to their mother's custody.

Krakana has been charged with aggravated assault, violating a court order, assault and criminal damage.

Zinn has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

UPDATE: According to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, Nicholas Krakana was found guilty on two counts, both misdemeanors, in a bench trial and appealed, but the court upheld the conviction. He had to pay fines set by the court.