Police officials detail disciplinary history of officer who resigned over use of force controversy

Joshua Carroll (Courtesy: Glendale Police Department)

Glendale Police officials have detailed the disciplinary history of a police officer who resigned as a result of a use of force controversy in June.

According to a statement released Wednesday afternoon, the incident happened on June 13, and the officer, identified as Joshua Carroll, was responding to a call at an apartment complex where he had an encounter with a suspect, later identified as David Dulaney.

The encounter eventually turned into a struggle, and bodycam video from Carroll's bodycam shows Carroll hit Dulaney on the back of his head with a taser. The injury, according to Glendale Police, required staples.

Carroll, according to police, was found to be out of policy when he hit Dulaney in the head with a Taser, and a recommendation was made on August 14 that Carroll be fired. Carroll, however, resigned as the city was preparing to serve him with a Notice of Intent to Terminate.

Documents released by Glendale Police Wednesday show Carroll had a series of disciplinary records that stretch back to 2016. In June of that year, he was given a memo of correction regarding three violations. Carroll received two memo of correction and a letter of counsel in 2018 over inaccuracies/misrepresentations on his resume, being at fault in a traffic collision, and violation of social media policy over posts he made on Facebook.

Officials also described a police pursuit that led to Carroll receiving a written reprimand in January 2019. During the pursuit, police said Carroll advised an officer trainee to violate department policy by increasing his speed to over 100 mph and not stopping for red lights. In the same incident, Carroll fired a rifle round at a suspect, which police said put civilians and other officers at risk. Following the incident, Carroll told a police commander that the investigation would have never happened if the incident took place ten years earlier and no cameras were inside police vehicles.

The commander criticized Carroll for not accepting responsibility and providing excuses for his conduct. In addition to the reprimand, Carroll was removed from the field training program, according to police officials.