Police release body cam video of Arizona Cardinals executive Ronald Minegar DUI arrest

Police have released body cam footage and more information on the arrest of Arizona Cardinals Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Ron Minegar.

Chandler Police say 60-year-old Minegar failed to drive within one lane, even driving in the bicycle lane before an officer pulled him over for speeding near Pecos Road and Arizona Avenue. They believe he was driving under the influence.

In the video, the 60-year-old admitted to police that he drank four alcoholic drinks at a bar in Chandler.

"Have you been drinking tonight?"

"Yes, I've had 3, 4 drinks," Minegar said.

Police say when they pulled him over, Minegar had bloodshot eyes, a flushed face and he smelled of alcohol. He also failed three sobriety tests, as seen in the body cam footage.

Minegar refused to provide a breathalyzer sample, but a blood test was taken at the station.

It's still unclear what the future holds for Minegar with the Cardinals.

>>Full bodycam video of Minegar's DUI arrest: (1 hr. 29 min.)