Police say security guard was a unsung hero

Phoenix Police say a man gunned down at a Motel 6 was more than just a security guard; they say he was a hero.

Forty-four-year-old Brian Harris was one of three people killed earlier this week at the motel.

The gunman had gone on a wild crime spree before he took his own life. Officers took the time to visit with his family in an emotional meeting.

Harris' family says he poured pride and passion into his job. He had made several friendships with Phoenix Police and detectives who were often called to the motel.

"He was that camouflaged hero," said Detective Joseph Mills.

That's how Detective Mills remembers Harris, who was a security guard at the Motel 6 for several years. Officers called him their perfect civilian partner, observing and reporting crimes and keeping people at the motel safe.

"There wasn't a single night I didn't work where we didn't check in on Brian, he was that important to us," said Detective Mills.

Officers met and mourned with his family, sharing stories of the unsung hero.

"He literally went above and beyond his call of duty, he did every time," said a family member.

"He put himself out there to make sure everyone was ok he would take his own shirt off to make sure you had one," said his daughter Khaley.

Harris died doing the job he loved, for reasons unknown 28-year-old Daterryn McBride opened fire in the lobby killing Harris and guest 44-year-old Robert Sykes. Even in his dying moment Harris acted heroically.

"His last few breaths, the last moments that he had, he kept a mind to know he could help somebody else out," said Matt Harris.

"Brian called 9-1-1 after sustaining an injury that took his life, to be able to fight through that. That's a hero," said Mills.

The 25-year-old Motel 6 employee who survived the shooting remains in the hospital. Police still do not have a motive for the deadly shooting.