Political world reacts to Trump's comments about McCain's war record

Donald Trump remains unapologetic, saying he's not saying sorry for his comments about Arizona Senator John McCain's war record.

Senator McCain was a prisoner of war for more than five years, but Trump maintains that McCain is not a war hero, and that angered a lot of people.

Today, many of Trumps GOP rivals are speaking out against his comments. Some even saying he's unfit to run for president. Meanwhile McCain hasn't addressed the controversy, but some of McCain's family members are taking to social media to react to Trump's remarks.

Today in a Fox News interview, Donald Trump doubled down on his comments about Arizona Senator John McCain.

"I would say, if you watch the piece, nothing was said wrong, absolutely nothing."

It's the comments he made on stage at the Family Leadership Council Summit Saturday that are causing the firestorm.

"He's not a war hero...he's a war hero because he was captured…I like people who weren't captured."

McCain spent nearly six years being tortured in Vietnam as a prisoner of war. Fellow Republicans, including presidential candidates Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, and Scott Walker swiftly condemned Trump's remarks.

Trump says his comments were taken out of context...

"This was picked up by the opponents that weren't registered in the polls and everybody knows it and everybody sees it."

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake tweeted, "Gimme a break. @realDonaldTrump says @SenJohnMcCain is not a war hero? Let's just say if I'm ever in a foxhole I'd rather be with John."

After Trump made his comments, McCain's daughter Meghan McCain tweeted, "I can't believe what I am reading this morning. Horrified. Disgusted. There are no words."

And McCain's son, Jack, a U.S. Navy pilot, tweeted, "There are lines you do not cross. Trump crossed one."

Trump was in McCain's home state just a week ago at the Phoenix Convention Center where he spoke about illegal immigration...

"We had thousands and thousands of people…he insulted them and I insulted back."

The Maricopa County Republican Party hosted Trump here in Phoenix just last week. We reached out to the organization for comment. A spokesperson said today, no one was available to comment on the issue.