Porch Pirates target Phoenix woman

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The holiday shopping season is underway, but that also means porch thieves are now on the hunt to steal the gifts you ordered online, right from your front door.

One Phoenix woman said she had all the precautions and security measures set up, but still became a victim. That woman, Susan Watson, lives in Central Phoenix, and she has security cameras all over her house. She also has an alert system set up on her phone, but still became a victim. This shows how quick these thieves can be.

Watson's house is brand new, with all new the gadgets to protect her home.

"My phone will immediately tell me, the Nest will immediately tell me a sound, a person, especially a person, and I could have spoken through it," said Watson.

On Tuesday, however, Watson said she turned off her phone for just a few hours during her son's performance. When she came back home...

"On the porch, there was a box that looked opened, and I thought that's odd," said Watson.

Watson later watched a surveillance video, and saw a thief take a package at around 7:00 that night.

"Multiple things were taken," said Watson, who said she shopped for over a thousand dollars worth of items on Black Friday, including hundreds of dollars worth of clothes. When the female thief couldn't fit all of items in her bag, she returned with a friend to steal the rest, 15 minutes later.

"Very angry actually, so I am hopeful that someone will see who these people are and they're fully prosecuted," said Watson.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Vince Lewis said high quality cameras will help with their investigation.

"Typically, what Silent Witnesses does is cash rewards up to $1,000 for felony cases, but they've graciously opened that up just during this season, between Black Friday and Christmas, to tips towards package thieves," said Sgt. Lewis, who is urging neighbors to be on the look out.