Rafting the Grand Canyon in one day

For a lot of adventurers, a white water rafting trip through the Grand Canyon is a bucket list item. But most Canyon trips require several days, and reservations up to a year in advance. But not all trips require this planning.

On the west side of the Grand Canyon, the Hualapai Indian Tribe offers a one day Canyon rafting trip that packs all the adventure into a fraction of the time.

The day starts at eight in the morning with a bus trip from Peach Springs, views from the bus are amazing.

The bus follows the only road into the Grand Canyon and soon the water is visible and a line up of boats.

"Welcome to the lower part of the Grand Canyon, my name is Kelsey, we'll be going about 26 miles of the Colorado River," said Kelsey.

It's 26 miles of fun, and not long before the group hits the first rapids, the guide took the group right into the heart of them.

The water is a cool 45 degrees, but temperatures in the Canyon reach over 100 degrees, so getting splashed feels good, and it happens a lot.

In the canyon between rapids you are surrounded by canyon walls that rise 3,000 feet into the sky, you have time to think about the billion years it took the river to cut this huge canyon into the earth.

Eventually, the group will hike to a natural spring using ropes, and rope ladders, to find a 50-foot waterfall that shoots through a slot canyon. The water is warm, but a cool adventure in itself.

The Hualapai Guides talk a lot about the history of the canyon, the geology that is laid out bare before us, and the serenity and spirituality here.

A few more rapids and the group reaches the end of the line. The one-day river runner trip is over; it's a great way to raft the Grand Canyon in a day.

A helicopter drops you off at the Grand Canyon Skywalk so you can then visit that location as well.

For more information on the tour visit: http://www.grandcanyonwest.com/tickets-info/one-day-white-water-rafting/