Regal Cinemas is ditching Coke products and the internet is fuming

Regal Cinemas has kicked off a new battle of the sodas with its latest announcement that its theaters are switching from selling Coke products to Pepsi.

The move, which Variety first reported, propels Pepsi to the forefront of the moviegoing industry, making it the sole provider of non-alcoholic beverages to the country’s second-largest movie theater chain.

“This is something where the stars aligned,” John Curry, senior VP of food service for Regal, told Variety. “Pepsi and Regal just share a mutual passion and excitement for the moviegoing experience.”

For years, Coca-Cola has mostly dominated movie theaters, selling its products at the nation’s top chains, including AMC and Cinemark.

Now, moviegoers will have a chance a to switch things up, but many Coke drinkers aren’t too excited about the change.

One Coke fan suggested starting a petition against the swap.

Another Coke lover shared her disappointment about other major companies that have recently stopped carrying Coca-Cola products.

Nonetheless, Pepsi fans are ready to slurp down their favorite sodas.

Regal has already started carrying Pepsi products and plans to have the transition completed by the spring.