Resident complains of broken fridge, roaches at Phoenix apartment complex

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A tenant in a West Phoenix apartment complex says the conditions in his apartment are bad, and the landlord isn't fixing the problems.

This place is called The Resort on 35th, but according to a tenant we spoke to, living at the complex is more like a last resort. Rudy Elizondo is paying $530 a month for a studio apartment, and he says his biggest problem is his refrigerator.

"Not cooling, not freezing. Our food is going bad," said Elizondo. "We put this in a month ago. They have said a lot, but they haven't done anything."

Elizondo says the meat in the freezer is thawed out, and milk with an expiration date next week is already sour.

Then, there are the cockroaches.

"Every Monday, they are supposed to come in and fumigate when we put the notice in," said Elizondo. "They have not come in once."

FOX 10 has reached out to the apartment's management. They declined an interview, but said Elizondo didn't tell them a month ago his fridge wasn't working, and they said they haven't always been able to get into the apartment to deal with the roaches.

Now, Elizondo is weighing his options.

"It is what we can afford," said Elizondo, when asked why he is living a the complex. "If you're paying for something, you have got to get the most out of it."

City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department
(602) 534-4444