Rideshare drivers looking to make big money during the Waste Management Phoenix Open

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz (FOX 10) -- The Waste Management Phoenix Open brings golfers and fans alike to the Valley. It also brings in a lot of money, and people willing to spend big money to experience it all.

Ride-sharing drivers are also cashing in on the money coming into the tournament.

On Wednesday, at least seven lines for Uber drivers were waiting for Bird's Nest concertgoer, basically sitting in traffic to make some good money.

For Jason Clark, it is his second Phoenix Open as an Uber driver, and he's ready to hit the jackpot.

"Come Saturday, seriously, get your umbrella out look at the sky, cause it's gonna be raining money," said Clark. He went on to say that Uber's incentives will entice drivers to brave the increasing traffic.

"There's a bump as much as, like, I think $20 a ride come the weekend, and that's just phenomenal," said Clark. "So, if someone is looking to make, I'll go as far as saying a few thousand dollars this weekend, it can happen."

Drop off points stayed busy on Wednesday, as concertgoers were dropped off for the Bird's Nest serie. Those concertgoers say they will be using rideshare services all week.

"It's nice to be able to drink and not have to worry about any driving or anything like that, and have fun and still get home safely," said one concertgoer.

"It's crazy," said another concertgoer. "It's crazy. Yeah, we cant believe how big the structures are, and we're just excited for the whole weekend so we have tickets tomorrow night too."

Clark says he's pacing himself for a weekend in the green.

"Oh, last year was record breaking attendance and, I think this year will be even more so," said Clark.