Scalpers selling tickets to Trump speaking event

Donald Trump coming to town this weekend is one of the hottest events going on. Thousands of free tickets offered went fast.

Trump's campaign spokesperson says that 7,500 tickets have been handed out, but that means not everyone who wanted to be in the audience is going to get a ticket, unless they want to pay up.

Right now there are at least a dozen tickets on Craigslist, people trying to sell their tickets that they got for free for anywhere between $30 and $1000.

Scalpers are trying to bank on his celebrity status and controversial uproar by posting ads to sell the free tickets. One man who says he's been making a living re-selling tickets for 29 years, listed his tickets for $1,000 and then lowered the price to $200 when he didn't get any takers. He tells FOX 10 that he feels confident someone will pay him for the ticket, and he knows several who snatched up free tickets to sell them.

"I think it's pretty cool, he's always been one of my favorites since Celebrity Apprentice," said Tracy Werner.

Werner says she'd be willing to shell out some cash to go to Saturday's event.

"30-40 bucks, I'd pay that for sure," said Werner.

What's the most she would pay?

"I'd probably say $100, I'd pay $100," she said.

"It depends on if I got to hug him if I hugged him I'd pay more than $100," said Werner.

Not everyone in Phoenix is a fan.

"I wouldn't pay, I wouldn't go see Trump for free," said Stennis Robinson.

A huge crowd of people are planning to protest outside the Phoenix Convention Center during the event. Many are offended and upset over the Presidential candidate's remarks about Mexican immigrants.

"I think it's a joke, he has no political background at all, he's just a millionaire trying to be in the public eye as usual... just making a mockery of the system," said Robinson.

Trump's campaign spokesperson estimates that as many as 3,000 people who wanted to attend the event were not able to get tickets for free. He went on to say they're confident if they held the event at one of the pro sports arenas in town, they would've sold out.