Scottsdale coffee shop supports local artists, charities

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea in Scottsdale opened in the middle of the pandemic, and the owners are working hard to make their business a success - while also giving back.

"We're really known for our cold brew, says Elliot Greenburg, one of the owners of Sweetwaters. "We brew it over 18 hours and it makes it really sweet."

Greenburg says the ingredients are natural, the food is delicious, and the space is wide open - perfect for displaying some beautiful art pieces for a good cause.

"We've partnered with the Scottsdale Artist League and that allows them to bring in local artists," said Greenburg. "There's about 130 different artists, and they can hang their art for free. They can display it to the public, and they can sell it directly to the public, and we don't take any commissions."

The Scottsdale Artist's League said they're thrilled for the opportunity, as times have been tough for artists everywhere.

While patrons enjoy the art, ambiance and, of course, the coffee, it's the sense of community that brings it all together.

The coffee shop donated 50% of their proceeds to the Make A Wish Foundation during their grand opening

"It's all about giving back to the community," said Greenburg. "Its all about being able to give people a second home that they feel comfortable with."

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