Scottsdale police to use van to help keep impaired drivers off road during Labor Day weekend

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Scottsdale Police Officer Kevin Reynolds is preparing for a busy few days.

"Labor Day patrol, we're out helping the people stay safe, helping the public stay safe, and getting drunk drivers off the road," he said.

Last year in Scottsdale, police arrested 35 people for driving under the influence over the four-day Labor Day holiday weekend.

This year, the department has a new tool.

"So, this is our small processing van," Officer Reynolds said. "Here, we have everything you would do inside a jail facility, but in a smaller situation... a smaller van that can be processed and sent to the individuals."

Funding for the van came from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. It frees up time, instead of transporting an offender, the van rolls up to the scene and officers can get back on the street sooner.

"Constant swim parties, pool parties, a lot of the clubs and bars are open earlier in the day, so unfortunately we see almost a 24-hour clock of processing someone for a DUI," Officer Reynolds said.

Don't expect to see checkpoints over the weekend. Police say those aren't effective and instead, officers will be out in full force.

At least 20 officers from the Scottsdale Police Department will be dedicating their shifts to DUI enforcement.