Sen. McCain to lie in state at Arizona State Capitol

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Preparations are underway at the State Capitol on Monday, where late Senator John McCain will lie in state on Wednesday, on what would have been his 82nd birthday.

McCain will be the fourth person to lie in state since 1972, on a list that includes late Senator Carl Hayden, Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens, and State Senator Marilyn Jarrett.

"I believe that the entire rotunda will have flags up," said Dorie Hanson with the Arizona Capitol Museum. "It definitely won't look exactly like the museum, and he will be resting on the state seal."

Hanson is responsible for coordinating the preparations for McCain to lie in state on Wednesday. Crews will spend the next day and a half readying the State Capitol Rotunda to honor McCain.

"We are just all pulling together, and everyone has something to do, and so we're working as a team to get this all done," said Hanson.

Hanson says they're working to make the ceremony exactly what the late senator and his family would have wanted

"The family has had wishes that they have just asked us to carry out, our mission has been to follow their lead and the senator's wishes, and as our team yesterday indicated, get it to yes," said Hanson. "It's a large undertaking, it's going to be quite a special service for john McCain, as it should be."

Long lines are expected, and it's going to be hot, but there will be cooling stations, water, and first responders will be on hand, just in case anyone needs help.