Several Valley schools closed due to flooding

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Several Valley schools are closed on Tuesday due to flooding from rain from remnants of Tropical Depression Rosa.

FOX 10 Phoenix has confirmed the following schools are closed:

Maricopa County Community Colleges are also closed due to weather.

Desert Horizon Elementary turned away its parents and students because of reports of flooding inside the school.

Parents and surrounding neighbors say when it rains, it really pours in this area and they aren't exactly surprised by the school's flooding.

"It's unusual for it to be this bad, yeah... usually the storm drain just takes it right out and there's usually nothing to worry about," John Glotfelter said.

"It really kind of sucks because it's a lot of kids that are going to be missing the day," Johanna Marce said.

When kids are out of the classroom, parents say their main concern is finding supervision while still having to get to work, and their students falling behind because of bad weather.

"The school sometimes shuts down during the big wind storms or something like that you'll get it to shut down, but this is the first time I've heard it shut down because of the rain," Glotfelter said.

With more rain expected in the Valley on Wednesday, the Pendergast School District has not yet commented on when classes for Desert Horizon Elementary will be back in session.