Sex offender accused of inappropriate contact with teens; mother speaks out

A Phoenix man who is a registered sex offender is now charged with allegedly assaulting two teenage boys sexually.

On Thursday night, the mother of the two boys spoke out, describing the moment she learned that her sons were victims.

"I felt disappointed, hurt, disgusted," said the mother, who did not want to disclose her identity.

The suspect in the incident has been identified as Michael Berry, 47. He is accused of touching a 15-year-old in his private areas, offering him sexual favors, and exposing himself. Berry is also accused of showing both boys pornographic videos.

The victims' mother recalls when Berry moved in years ago.

"They sent a flyer out like they always do in the neighborhood," said the woman. The flyer she referred to is one that notifies neighbors that a registered sex offender is moving in.

"You got to give everybody the benefit of the doubt," said the woman. That was exactly what the woman said she did, befriending Berry.

In the last couple months, however, the woman grew suspicious of Berry's behavior. She said he started to buy the boys gifts, and invite them over to play videogames.

She questioned her sons to make sure.

"I did ask them all the time, and they both told me 'no'," said the woman, who said Michael purchased a cell phone for one of her sons, but denied doing so.

"That was my first red flag, was that he lied to me, and I knew better," said the woman.

She went to her bishop at church, where she learned her son admitted to a friend Berry offered sexual favors. They went to police.

"I don't want him back out," said the woman. "I don't want him back out."