Shadow Mountain High School junior scores perfect SAT score

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The SATs are often perceived as the test that will make or break a student's college career, but a Shadow Mountain High School junior is already a step ahead of the competition by earning a perfect SAT score.

Ashley Hall won't be applying to colleges until later in 2019, but she's already got an ace in the hole with that perfect score.

"I wasn't quite sure that it was right when I first got it," said Ashley. "I had to refresh the page a couple times. Went to look a couple different places make sure it was actually right."

What's also remarkable is that Ashley claims it was her first time taking the exam.

"She chose to work hard after she got her PSAT results to improve her craft, and these are the results," said principal David Appleman.

Appleman says ashley is a hard worker who was committed to improving her PSAT results.

"The plan was gonna be I would take it early and study and improve on things, but there wasn't really anything left to improve on," said Ashley.

Less than 1% of students who take the SAT scored a perfect score of 1,600.

"There are 1.7 million kids every year, and only about 500 get a perfect score," said Appleman, who went on to say he has never seen anyone achieve this score in his seven years at the school.

Ashley says her parents are thrilled by her perfect score.

"Yeah, they were definitely surprised," said Ashley. "When I came home and told my parents, my mom actually screamed."

Ashley is studying for a career in engineering, and she's keeping her options for college open. She did say, however, she may stay close to home.

"Right now, I'm kinda trying to explore some options," said Ashley. "Looking to stay in-state at ASU."