Skeletal remains linked to Glendale murder

Authorities say skeletal remains found by a rancher near Jacob Lake are connected to a murder investigation in Glendale.

The Coconino County Sheriff's Office says the remains were found between Fredonia and Jacob Lake on July 1.

Along with the remains, the rancher found clothes, boots and a day pack under a tree. A handgun was also found underneath the remains, which deputies believe have been there for several years.

On April 20, 2013 a suspicious vehicle was reported in the same area and authorities determined the vehicle was stolen and wanted in connection to a Glendale homicide investigation.

Glendale police detectives investigated the remains and believe the clothing, boots and day pack left at the scene belong to the suspect involved in the homicide.

Police have not confirmed the identity of the suspect at this time.

The investigation is ongoing by the Glendale Police Department.