Smart security camera alerts North Phoenix homeowner to burglary

A homeowner got a big surprise as he watches his home being burglarized, right from his phone. Now, he's hoping someone watching knows who the burglar is.

"I saw him how he's in my living room, and I was like 'oh, this is not possible'. Unfortunately, it was," said Ondrej Jombik. He is now thankful for his Canary security system in his North Phoenix home, as the security cameras and alerts scared off a burglar on Monday.

It all started when someone was at Jombik's door.

"I saw the guy, who was kind of like a landscaping type of guy looking. I thought 'OK, this is not my landscaper, he must have mistaken the house, come to the wrong house.' Obviously, not a big deal. But then he entered my backyard and that's when I got scared, I was like, 'this is not right'," said Jombik.

His security cameras showed someone smashing through a door with a shovel. The glass was all over Jombik's floor.

"I saw the guy in my living room, and I was like, 'hell, is this really happening?'," said Jombik. "Then I get a question "Do you want to sound the siren?" and I say yes yes yes, so I hit the yes and siren started immediately."

The sound appears to have made the potential burglar change his mind, but not before he looked right at another one of Jombik's cameras before taking some stuff from the kitchen.

"He took coupons," said Jombik. "You know, the discount cards for Fry's and CVS Pharmacy, and he took one key."

The man leaves and looks to have tried to clean fingerprints off the door handle. Jombik is hopeful he'll be caught soon.

"Basically the smart house I'm building in last couple years, adding new locks, cameras, it pays off," said Jombik. "I need to make it better."

Jombik says police didn't know yet if the person who targeted his home had hit other homes in the area. Jombik has handed over all of his security videos to them.

Jombik's account of what happened