Some ASU students on edge following confirmed case of Coronavirus

Monday marks the first day back to school for students at Arizona State University's Tempe campus since a member of the ASU community was confirmed to be infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

"A lot of people I know are worried about it, and kind of stressed out," said one masked person.

On the Tempe campus, many people were seen wearing masks, even as drug stores across Tempe and around the Valley report that their stocks have sold out. Students said they were getting them from urgent care or the Student Health Center.

"If it's going to happen to anybody, it's going to happen to me," said student Max Murphy. "I get sick a lot, so I didn't want to take any chances. No. I'm not taking chances today."

"I think most of them are," said student Vihaan Tudi. "I know one does wear a mask, the other doesnt care. I think better safe than sorry. I'd rather not get the virus."

Other student said they weren't worried enough to don masks, but are keeping an eye out for any coronavirus news.

"I'm nervous. I'm not alarmed because I think ASU has a handle on it. They sent out a really good response last night, updating everyone on where that person was. He's just not out and about on campus," said student Tyler Christian Harris.

"I'm also a little nervous ever since we saw the initial reports," said student Julia Tatom. "Students haven't been keeping up with the news. It wasn't until it hit Arizona that the panic set in, or the worry."

At FastMed Urgent Care near the ASU Tempe Campus, a sign on the door asks people with virus symptoms to wait outside until they can give them a mask to be seen.

"If they have fever, lower respiratory illness, shortness of breath, wheezing, you're going to want to be seen," said John Risi.

Nurse practitioner says all of the agencies that have been dealing with this so far are ready, and coordinating if there are more cases to deal with.