UArizona, NAU work to boost semiconductor industry

The University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University have formalized a new agreement to boost the state's semicondctor industry. The two universities, along with industry partners, will collaborate on research projects and academic partnerships related to semiconductor manufacturing. The agreement also encourages the two schools to share research space and equipment.

Inflation in U.S. expected to drop to lower level

Americans are feeling more optimistic about inflation in 2024. According to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York survey, consumers from 1,300 households surveyed say they expect prices to keep cooling, and the median expectation is that inflation will be up three percent a year from now, which, if it happens, will mark the lowest level in three years.

Despite opinions on US economy, holiday shopping continues

More than 75% of Americans say the economy is in bad shape, but despite uncertainty over the economy, more Americans than expected hit the stores for the holiday weekend. FOX's Mills Hayes is at the Mall of America for a look at holiday shopping madness.

As the economy is on the upturn, who's feeling the impact?

It was another good day on Wall Street, but how is the economy for people who aren't invested in or focused on the stock market? There are some indicators that things are getting better in areas like rent, gas prices, and food prices, but is anyone feeling it yet? FOX 10's Linda Williams has more.