Social distancing may be here to stay

Some experts in California believe data shows the state is getting closer to flattening the curve, but flattening the curve could mean social distancing for months longer.

'Thank you' signs line Marietta street near hospital

There's one primary exit out of Kennestone Hospital in Marietta: Church Street. A family off of the route knew they wanted to do something to thank healthcare employees for working on the frontline of this pandemic just a short walk from their home. So, they loaded up on art supplies to make thank-you signs to line their way home.

Pet adoptions on the rise during coronavirus outbreak

Perhaps the only ones happy about the COVID-19 outbreak are our pets, many of whom are getting more attention than they are used to. More and more people, it seems, are looking for companionship while spending lots of time at home.

Georgia man says controversial malaria drug helped him beat COVID-19

There is no approved treatment for the novel coronavirus sickening tens of thousands of Americans. But, a Rex, Georgia, 67-year-old says a controversial malaria drug helped him fight off complications of COVID-19. It is a drug that comes with both hype and questions.