St. Mary's Food Bank mobile pantry helps fight hunger

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - A mobile food bank like this one is set up 40 times a month throughout the state of Arizona.

"So you times that by 10 over 500 of these across the state," Jerry Brown said.

Brown, spokesperson for St. Mary's Food Bank, says over 300 people will receive help at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church near 14th Street and Jefferson.

"Everybody needs a little help," one person said.

A little help during a time when that something extra is needed.

"Oh, it's going to help me a whole lot and I'm really grateful," another person said.

"And they go to the area where food and insecurity is (sic) the highest and where the need for big-time meal-maker food is at the highest," Brown said.

From kale to spinach, and milk and bread, Brown calls the donations real meal makers.

Last year, the "Fight Hunger, Spark Change" campaign resulted in a donation of 1.67 million meals to St. Mary's, helping the food bank pay for important client programs, including the mobile pantry program.

"We bring more than 20,000 pounds of food and it's only through Walmart, 'Fight Hunger, Spark Change,' and other companies that we are able to fund these," Brown said.

"The dollars collected locally will stay here in Phoenix," one person said.

Fight Hunger Spark Change

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