Startup lets prospective home buyers tour 24/7

A real estate startup with offices in Phoenix is changing the way people buy homes. They offer a service called "24/7 Open House" which allows people to tour homes any time of the day without a real estate agent.

Normally when you go look at a home, you need a realtor with access to a lockbox, or you have to wait for an open house on the weekends. But with the new app from OpenDoor all you need is an access code sent to your smartphone and you're in.

When Ryan Halldorson was looking for a new home, he tried OpenDoor. He was intrigued by the 24/7 Open House feature which allows prospective buyers to go inside the home any day, any time.

"Well, it was real convenient because everybody's got busy lives these days. It was just nice to know that at some point over the weekend I was going to go look at houses, and when time permitted I was able to hop in the car and see the houses I wanted to," said Ryan Halldorson.

People who want to see a home send a text to a number on the door, and it then sends them a code to punch into a keypad to get in.

"Literally, five seconds later it sends me back the code to type it in, and I was in the house 15 seconds after getting out of the car," said Halldorson.

"One of the headaches is coordinating schedules to access homes, and so we have removed that obstacle," said Jacqueline Moore.

Moore with OpenDoor says buyers can go through the homes themselves. There are signs with information about the home posted inside, and security cameras monitor the home once people go in.

"We've been very fortunate that we have had very few issues with any security of our homes. We have an entire team dedicated to monitoring our homes," said Moore.

All of the homes are vacant so you won't be walking in on anyone at home.