Stolen puppy returned to Arizona Animal Welfare League shelter

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Officials with the Arizona Animal Welfare League say a two-month-old puppy that was stolen from its shelter Sunday has been returned.

In a statement released Monday, officials say the puppy, a female mix-breed dog, was taken by two men from an AAWL shelter. The act was captured on security camera. AAWL officials say the dog is on daily medication, and was being monitored by their medical team.

On Monday night, officials with AAWL said the puppy, now identified as "Everglade", was returned to the shelter safe and sound. The puppy looks health, energetic, and is eating.

"One of the men in the security footage saw the news stories and immediately called the shelter," said AAWL Director of Marketing and Communications, Michael Morefield, in the statement.

Earlier, AAWL officials say if the dog was returned unharmed, they will not press charges. Since it was one of the men in the security footage who returned the dog, officials say they will not be pressing charges against him.