Superintendent controversy in Buckeye as school board holds special meeting

A superintendent in the west valley is in the hot seat as many parents are upset with his actions. Those parents gathered at a school board meeting on Thursday to voice their concerns.

Parents with students in the Liberty Elementary School District wore red to the meeting, saying it symbolizes their frustration with Superintendent Andy Rogers.

"Dr. Rogers has been caught being untruthful over and over," said a woman at the meeting.

Dr. Rogers says he feels they've addressed the main concerns expressed by parents, one being class size.

"I made a recommendation to the board to add two teachers to address the class size," he said.

Some of the parents did not want to go on camera because they fear retaliation.

Emily Snider says she's a prime example. The mother has volunteered at Goodyear's Westar Elementary School for years and is a dedicated PTO member, but after she became vocal about her disapproval of the leadership, she says she was targeted by Dr. Rogers.

"He asked me to leave and he told me I was no longer welcomed there.. and he walked me out, yes."

Rogers says he did not escort Snider out of Westar Elementary earlier in the week.

Snider stands by her word and says Rogers isn't being honest. It is one of the things that has parents fired up.

The school board knew there was concern, so they called the meeting. One of two items on the agenda, a motion to offer a statement of support for Rogers. All members voted in favor except for Paul Jensen.

Jensen says the board has yet to see survey results on the superintendent from the end of last year.

"The statement they made tonight is that essentially they support me and continuing to work on the goals we've set forth in our strategic plan and I'll be here bright and early tomorrow morning continuing that work with staff, parents, students," said Rogers.

Rogers says past survey results show they have a very high satisfaction from parents, students and staff.