Suspect identified in YCSO volunteer shooting

A Yavapai County Sheriff's Office armed and uniformed volunteer was shot while tracking a speeding vehicle near Ash Fork on Thursday night.

The shooting happened after 6 p.m. in the Juniper Woods Ranch subdivision.

Deputies say their preliminary investigation suggests the 70-year-old volunteer may have been intentionally lured to the property by 24-year-old Jason Douglas Neidermeyer and then ambushed.

The volunteer is not allowed to take any law enforcement action, but he wanted to locate the man's property so deputies could follow-up.

According to deputies, the volunteer tracked the speeding ATV to a property where Neidermeyer fired over 20 rounds from a high-powered rifle. Three of those rounds hit the volunteer in the pelvic region while he was outside his vehicle.

The volunteer was able to get in his car, drive away and call for help.

Deputies say he had surgery at a hospital and is recovering.

Additional units responded and contained the area. During an initial sweep of the property, detectives say they found numerous firearms, including a .50 caliber rifle and pipe bombs.

Around midnight, Niedermeyer called 911 and he was transferred to a YCSO negotiator on scene. During the conversation, Niedermeyer reportedly admitted shooting the YCSO volunteer and then surrendered.

Five additional people who were on the property were detained and interviewed, including the Niedermeyer's mother, father and a 5-year-old child.