Suspect in post-Trump rally violence in Phoenix arrested

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Police say one of the suspects involved in violent protesting of President Donald Trump's rally in downtown Phoenix Tuesday has been arrested.

According to court documents, 29-year-old Joshua Cobin was arrested after he ignored multiple police announcements warning a large group of protesters to peacefully leave the area outside of the Phoenix Convention Center during President Trump's rally.

After refusing to leave the area, police say Cobin was seen running back and forth in front of a line of officers, disrupting the crowd and being unruly.

Officials say Cobin, who was wearing a gas mask, allegedly kicked and threw smoking canisters towards police. After this, police shot an impact OC round at Cobin in order to stop him.

Police say Cobin used social media to post pictures of his injuries, admit that he refused to leave the area, and threw the smoking canisters at officers.

Cobin was booked on three counts of aggravated assault on police officers and unlawful assembly. On Friday, he made his first appearance in court.

"Mr. Cobin doesn't have any prior criminal history, has a steady job, however the evidence that has been presented to the state is cause for alarm that there might be some future actions that the community needs to be protected from," said the prosecutor.

Cobin was arrested at his job Thursday, but his attorney says she tried to prevent it.

"I was on the phone with Mr. Cobin, as well as with commanders attempting to negotiate him turning himself in, Phoenix Police acted before I could do that."

Cobin was apparently injured while throwing one of the cannisters -- another reason his lawyer said he needed to be released.

"He also has injuries that require medical attention, serious injuries."

Cobin was granted release, but not before a warning from Judge Paula Williams about his social media posts.

"I haven't seen any of it, I just caution you about that, I'm not going to make it part of your release conditions, but I hope you and your attorney have a serious conversation about that."