Tempe police handing out free drink coupons for obeying traffic laws

The Tempe Police Department is handing out coupons for free drinks to people who obey traffic laws.

As part of its "2019 Positive Ticketing Campaign," officers will hand out Circle K coupons for either a free cold drink or hot beverage to members of the community who safely obey traffic, bicycle and pedestrian laws.

Tempe police say they will not pull anyone over to give them a free drink coupon.

"We're not going to violate anyone's 4th Amendment right, and that's the big message," said Det. Greg Bacon with Temoe Police. "We're not pulling people over. We are not stopping bicyclist riding down the street. We are not pulling subjects off of the sidewalks to talk to them. It's merely walking up and saying 'do you mind having a conversation with me? I noticed you have a bike helmet with you and we appreciate you being responsible and staying safe. so here's a free coupon for a free drink'."

The coupons can be redeemed at any Circle K. Tempe Police officials say it's meant to educate and save lives, and people who don't wish to participate don't have to.

"The officer walks up to that person and says, 'hey, do you mind having a conversation with me?' and the citizen says I'm in a really big hurry, I have to go, and that's ok. You don't have to engage with the officer," said Det. Bacon.

Some say they like the idea.

"That would be great, especially right now in the heat," said one man, identified only as "Robert".

"It's always great for the police to come out and help people, you know, in a good way, instead of arresting people and just help out the community," said another man, identified only as "James".

Officials say they will continue the campaign for the next several months.