Therapy dog goes missing as Valley woman recovers from heart surgery

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The owner of an emotional service dog is pleading with the public to help her find her missing companion.

24-year-old Kali Smith's dog, three-year-old Summit, ran away while Smith was hospitalized after having a major surgery. Summit is a beautiful all-white husky hybrid, and the dog is a registered emotional support animal who provides support and comfort to her owner.

Smith recently underwent cardiovascular surgery, because of a nine-inch clot in a vein, and when she got home from the hospital, her service dog was nowhere to be found.

"I went in for a major cardiovascular surgery on Thursday." said Smith. "I had been passing out frequently, and that's how Summit took care of me, noticing when I was going to pass out and alerted me when I wasn't doing well, and snuggle me when I wasn't doing well."

Summit was staying with a caretaker, who has two other dogs, at a home in Tempe near University and Evergreen. All three dogs were playing Frisbee in a grassy area when the caretaker noticed Summit was gone. Summit may have noticed a cat, and ran after it.

Meanwhile, Kali's family and friends have been searching for the dog since Saturday, leaving food and her bed outside, in case Summit finds her way back. Summit was not wearing her collar or tags when she ran off, and she is described as "very social", and would walk up to anybody.

"I've been exhausting my brain, staying up all night trying to figure out where she could've gone," said Smith, who said she's been suffering panic attacks since she's been without her support dog.

"I just pray if somebody has her at home, if they can just bring her home to me," said Smith, who is offering a cash reward for information and/or the return of her service dog.

Anyone who has seen Summit can contact her owner at (928) 925-5480.