Trailer fire prompts evacuation of doggy day care

A trailer was gutted by a fire, and it was big enough that it sent panic through a nearby doggie daycare.

Pet owners rushed to pick up their dogs from the Hug N Pups Pet Grooming Salon, Doggy DayCare, & Dog Training. A nearby fire filled the building with smoke Tuesday.

"The manager came in and told me there was a fire, to hurry up and grab the dogs, and so I immediately stopped grooming," said Catherine Santa Cruz.

The fire broke out inside a trailer behind the Wizard of Odz lamp repair just a few hundred feet from the salon.

"We could smell the smoke coming in, leaking through the doors, we don't want to take the chance of getting the insulation, or the heat, or anything like that," said Donovan Fate.

Staff evacuated the dogs to the parking lot, fighting triple digit heat with wet towels and fans.

After 20 minutes, the staff and dogs moved back inside, owners came quickly to pick up their beloved pets.