Trapped owl has construction workers on edge

It's not something you hear of very often, but we have an owl that's been hanging out inside an empty warehouse for the past five days.

We're going to show you him, but he's kind of hard to find. If you look really closely on the right hand side, you can see his little head peaking out behind the pipe.

"We got to looking at, we were like," Oh man, that's an owl, you can tell from a distance,' and we were kind of worried, but it disappeared," a construction worker said.

Construction crews noticed the owl last week and they thought it left, but today they saw it again.

"There's a lot of bugs in here, but it's hot, there's no water, the owl is confused, so we need to get it out," a spokesperson with Liberty Wildlife said.

Liberty Wildlife assessed the situation and told crews all they can really do it let it be.

"Just worried, I mean, we want the owl to survive and it can't live here," a construction worker said.

Construction crews were told to leave these doors open throughout the night and hopefully the owl will let itself out.