Truck smashes into two homes in Chandler

Linda Ashdown just happened to be home from work today and she's really glad she was.

"I looked out my front window and I saw a Chandler police car go by and my neighbor is 95-year-old, so I immediately thought something had happened to Irene," she said.

She was in shock to see that a Dodge pickup truck crashed through the front of one house and slammed into her elderly neighbor's home.

"She upset, being 95 and being told you can't go back into your house for the time being and you're not sure when you're going to be able to go back in the house, it would be upsetting at my age, to be 95... she'll be OK," Ashdown said. "She's OK and then she slides and starts crying a little bit, but she'll be OK."

Chandler fire says the driver of the truck had some sort of medical issue, which caused him to lose control. Firefighters also say it was lucky that the other house was unoccupied at the time.

"You just have to put it in perspective," Ashdown said. "The house can be fixed, people can't. You just got to look at it that way."

The driver was taken to the Mercy Gilbert Medical Center and Irene will be staying with her family until her house is repaired.