Tucson restaurant closes for good following controversy over Facebook post

Cup It Up, a Tucson restaurant, has closed permanently after receiving backlash from a very political Facebook post.

The post was made to the restaurant's Facebook page by two of Cup It Up's partners, Christopher Smith and Jay Warren. The lengthy post commented on the President, Obamacare, standing for the National Anthem, and even global warming and fake news. The post concluded by saying if anyone disagreed with them they should share the post with 100 friends and "we won't be expecting you any time soon."

What they didn't expect was the community's reaction, which included many negative comments and even calls for a boycott. The Arizona Daily Star reported that the restaurant eventually took down the post, but harassing and threatening calls continued to come in to the restaurant.

According to reports, Julian Alarcon, the chef and one of the partners at the restaurant, resigned in response to Smith and Warren making the post.

Smith and Warren released a statement apologizing for bringing "our personal political beliefs into a business forum" and saying they "assumed there would be some discussion and shares, but never this type of animosity and hostility."

Today the remaining partners announced the restaurant would be closed for good.