TUNING OUT: Retirement community switches off cable news channels at its gym due to fights

SUN CITY WEST, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Watching cable news channels at gyms has been getting some people in retirement communities very worked up, but not in a good way.

News and politics of the day are leading to intense arguments instead of intense workouts in Sun City West. The arguments have reportedly gotten increasingly aggressive and confrontational.

"We've had several over the last few months," said Recreation Activities Manager Kristie Riester.

The staff has had to intervene at times to keep the peace, and club members started to complain.

"If its disrupting the well being and enjoyment of our members in that environment, then we do have to make some changes," said Riester. "That's why we switched up our programming."

Managers at Sun City West Recreation Centers have decided to turn off certain channels on TVs in the fitness rooms. It's a change that managers hope will tune out the politically charged arguments. A survey showed most members wanted to change the channels.

But of course, not everyone is happy.

"I like to watch the news. I don't want to be censored," said James Apostolina. "Main thing is censor. This is not Venezuela or Russia. This is crazy. if someone doesn't like it, then throw them out. Don't blame everybody else"

"It's a free country," said Eddie Carino. "I'm a Vietnam veteran. I fought for this country."

For now, the gym TVs that were once tuned to cable news will be set to channels that are more neutral, like cooking and travel, and managers say they will reconsider the channels in the future, if that's what their members want.