Turf Paradise celebrates 57 years of sunrise Easter services

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Since 1962, Turf Paradise has been home to the sunrise Easter service, a tradition that started out of necessity when Lutheran Church of the Master needed a large enough place to hold a sizable crowd.

"They asked if Turf could host this service and Turf said yes and a 57-year tradition was born and they've been coming every year since," said Mike Scerbo, the marketing director for Turf Paradise.

For many, Easter just wouldn't be the same without watching the sun peer over the horizon on Easter morning, sitting in the grandstand, singing songs, and coming together.

"Turf Paradise has been around for more than 6 decades, it's part of Phoenix's culture and this sunrise Easter service is really a Phoenix tradition," said Scerbo.

Over the years the styles have changed and churchgoers have grown up, but aside from that, almost every other aspect has stayed the same.

A tradition of two entities coming together that they're passionate about keeping the legacy together.

"Lutheran Church of the Master and Turf Paradise coming together brings this really unique service, you won't see a view like this anywhere else in the Valley on sunrise Easter," said Scerbo.