VACATION WATCH: Chandler Police rolls out new tool to help keep homes safe from burglars

Now is the time when many people are skipping town and heading out for a holiday vacation. Those living in Chandler can have an extra set of eyes on their home, thanks to the Chandler Police Department.

It's called the Vacation Watch program, and people going on vacation can let Chandler Police know about it. In return, the police will keep an eye on the person's house, during the vacation.

The goal is for police to be visible in the neighborhood, and hopefully make thieves think twice.

"It would make me feel secure if I were to go out of town, make my family feel secure," said one woman.

All a person has to do is go to Chandler Police's website, and fill out a form seven days before the vacation.

"We ask for basic information. Contact information, in case of an emergency," said Sgt. Daniel Mejia with Chandler Police. "People that are going to be visiting while you're out, any pets that are left at the house, how many lights will be turned on. That way, our officers get a sense of what to look for when they're there."

Once police has the information, officers assigned to the area will visually inspect the home several times, depending on call volume.

"It's a deterrent, if anything else," said Sgt. Mejia. "Our officers that are out there, you get to see the visibility of our uniformed officers out there, the patrol car out there checking. It also heightens the neighbors."

Chandler Police said if you don't wish to use this program, there's other things you can do to help keep burglars at bay. You can leave a light on, have someone stop by the house often to check on it. That person can also get your mail, and pick up your paper.

Police said one thing you should never do is post on social media that you're away from home and how long you'll be gone.