Valley dentist offers Halloween candy buy-back program

It's a trick when someone tries to take your Halloween treats away, but one Valley dentist is telling parents and kids it's for their own good!

It's that time of year when ghosts and goblins haunt the streets and cavities cultivate from all the candy collected on All Hallow's Eve. 

"One of the big things that we have to be mindful of how much sugar is in the product," said Dr. Rezahkan from Islands Pediatric Dentistry in Gilbert. 

Dr. Rez, board-certified pediatric dentist and owner of Islands Pediatric Dentistry in Gilbert, says the statistics are staggering. Today, 50 percent of our kids have a cavity by age six and dental decay is the number one health reason in the country kids miss school. 

"When we eat it, how to eat it, what candies we eat and how we prevent it makes a big difference," says Dr. Rez. 

According to Dr. Rez, there are two big concepts to keep in mind this Halloween, the type of candy your kids eat and how often they eat it.

"The whole cycle works this way, you need the tooth you need bacteria and you need sugars to get a cavity," explained Dr. Rez. "Maybe getting rid of the candy that is very sour and acidic because we know acidity in our mouth is what dissolves our enamel."

Avoiding acidic, sour candy is one suggestion. 

"When we go to select a candy, as far as which candy to eat, we have to keep that in mind in a sense that do we,eat a sticky candy that has a tendency of getting stuck in our teeth for an hour or two, therefore, we have sugar in our mouth for two hours," says Dr. Rez. 

But not all trick-or-treat sweets are off-limits. 

"Always look at the label to see how much sugar is in there, you have some dark chocolate options with significantly less sugar some smaller sized candies that have significantly less sugar versus some fruity or sour candies that are just loaded with," said Dr. Rez. 

If your kids are just in it for the win, Dr. Rez is offering a bigger treat, cash. Get a dollar for every one pound of candy brought into his office. 

"Last year we had about 150 pounds and that was our first year of doing it so this year with more exposure we're hoping to at least double that number," said Dr. Rez. 

The candy Dr. Rez buys back will be sent to the troops overseas, and Dr. Rez hopes your kids and their teeth will be better off in return. 

The buy-back is only good for the two days after Halloween. The office is located at 1425 W Elliot Road.