Valley elementary school gets new fitness center

It was an exciting day for students at a Valley elementary school. They're on their way to becoming fitter, healthier, and stronger. And it's all because of a huge donation.

Fifth graders at Brunson-Lee Elementary School in Phoenix have a new assignment: To get moving.

"Like when we are doing the monkey bars, we grip onto them and we have to swing," said one of the students.

From monkey bars to abs, resistance bands, biceps and triceps, this gym is fully equipped.

"We're the only elementary school that has this," said another student. "We can be health [and] strong, and help others that need help."

$100,000 was awarded to the school.

"This room was donated to us by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Body by Jake," said physical education teacher Casey Reynolds. "There was a process that we applied for and out of 1,70 schools in the Valley, Brunson-Lee was nominated and awarded this awesome facility."

The gym has 20 stations, so 40 students can be working out and getting fit during one single session.

"The Balsz [School] district is really big on fitness and nutrition," said Reynolds. "As far as what they get for lunch, they're always getting some type of nutrition they get daily."

Teaching kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle early on is the goal. One that just got stronger, like the students will.