Valley homeowner claims someone hacked into his security camera

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Nest home security cameras are sure to be a on a lot of wish lists this holiday seasons. The gadget is meant to keep the bad guys out, but if users are not careful, hackers can use the system to remotely hack into a home.

Companies that make these products say they are designed so people can't listen in or look in on what's happening inside your house, but one homeowner found a guy claiming to be a hacker was able to access his home security system.

Andy Gregg bought the Nest camera to keep his home safe.

"The reason I got it was for home security," said Gregg. "Never know who is going to be coming by, Amazon packages, things like that."

Gregg, however, said things got weird a couple of weeks ago.

"So what happened was I walked into my house, heard someone in the house," said Gregg. "Come to find out, walk around house, someone on the camera talking to me through the audio portion."

A guy's voice came out of Gregg's Nest camera speaker. That man claimed he was from Calgary, in Canada's Alberta province, and claimed he was a hacker with the group "Anonymous".

"I don't know where you live right now, but if someone was that dedicated, they could geo-locate your IP," said Gregg.

The guy said he meant no harm, and warned Gregg about security holes with Nest and products like it. Meanwhile, officials with Nest released a statement, which reads:

Gregg, however, is going a step further.

"I am going to get rid of the camera entirely," Gregg said. "I mean, the best form of security, in my opinion, is a dog."